Hey there!

Been working on this one for the past few weeks, still trying to figure out my own style. It’s Tripp from a game called Gigantic! Had a real blast playing it since it just came out!

This time around I went for a much more simple shading technique. I personally like it better this way.

Sometimes simple is the way to go! What do you think?




Paladins: Children of the Realm – Buck

Hey Boys & Grills!

As we travel Buck in time we discover a young monk in the middle of his training. Who would’ve thought that, that little, clumsy kid would in the future become one of the strongest men known to mankind? A guy capable of carrying a Shrapnel Cannon with one hand?

Child Buck

I tried a lot of different things on this one, it didn’t turn out quite well as I wanted them to, but i gained a lot of valuable experience through test and faiulure. I call worth.

Paladins: Children of the Realm – Buck